Books make the best presents!

Greetings! Hoping you are well and enjoying the pace of life as it starts to pick up for the holidays. Books for children are, as I’m sure you know, a gift that can last their lifetime.

My new picture book, Good Night (Not Really) is great fun and teaches little ones how to count forward AND backward. There’s also a surprise ending! (It’s really a good morning book.) So, if you have little ones in your life who are learning to count, this might the perfect addition to their library.

Here’s what others are saying . . .

Fantastic book! My little ones LOVE this book (ages 2 & 3)! It’s a mix of learning to count, engaging illustrations, and super sweet descriptions. My girls giggle every time we get to the part where it isn’t ACTUALLY a good night book but a good morning book! Awesome gift!❤️

The sweetest book! This book is a great way for kids to practice counting forwards and backwards, and they get to enjoy a little surprise at the end! This is a wonderful book for your little ones. Don’t hesitate to buy this book, you and your kiddos will love it!