The “dog-eared” copy

Welcome to my virgin blog. My intent is to share with you short (takes you less than a minute or two to read), interesting “kid snacks”. That might include book ideas for you, historical tidbits about children’s literature and other quick snacks. Some blogs may ask you questions, others will just be informational. The blog will come out every other Monday and will also be posted on my Facebook page. Please sign up with your email, so I have a list of interested readers. I appreciate it….still learning how all this works. OK – one minute of your reading time is almost up, so…

What book have you read to a child/ren that is “important”? Mine is Hop On Pop, by Dr. Seuss. I taught all four of our kids how to read using this little, dog-eared gem. It would be great to get your response! Thank you, Nan